Sew a Dress for YOUR Doll

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Lexie was tasked with making a new dress for Emily Grace that looked like a dress a girl of her time would wear.  You can make a dress for your 18" American Girl style doll with the pattern and detailed instructions found on this page!  The dress was designed specifically for my website to be the sort of dress Lexie and her Grandmother would have made. 

The dress can be made in either of two styles, a ruffled or pleated skirt.  The ruffled skirt is easier and best for beginning sewers.  Either skirt is authentic to Lexie's time period and would look great on your doll!

How to make your doll's dress:


Click on the image to see the instructions.  They will appear as an Adobe Acrobat document.  Print them out.  (These instructions are VERY detailed and written for someone who has never sewn before, don't be intimidated by the number of pages!)


 Click on the image of the pattern pieces to your left.  This document will also appear as an Adobe Acrobat document. You will use these pieces to cut out your doll's fabric in the right shapes to make the dress.

Acrobat will display the pages for the pattern. You need to be sure that you are printing them out in the correct size so the final dress fits your doll.  To do that, make sure that when you print in Acrobat that the setting is "Full Sized" not "Shrink to Fit".