Make a Paper Doll

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In the 1920's, children like Lexie generally had fewer toys than boys and girls have today.  Paper dolls were a favorite and inexpensive toy.  These were often published in magazines for children to cut out and play with.  If the doll didn't have enough outfits for the child's imagination he or she could make more by tracing a new outfit over the doll on a fresh piece of paper and coloring it.

How to make your own paper dolls:

  1. Click on the image below to see a full-sized version of the paper doll in Adobe Acrobat.  Send that document to your printer so it prints full-sized.  (You can print this in color OR black-and-white.  If you don't print in color, you can color the dolls clothes yourself!)

  2. Cut out the doll and each outfit along the OUTSIDE edges only.  Be sure NOT to cut off the white tabs.

  3. Place the outfit on the doll and fold the white tabs over the doll's shoulders and legs to hold the new outfit in place.

  4. For the hats, cut them out and carefully cut a slit along the darker hashed line inside the hats so they can slide over the doll’s head.

That's it!  Enjoy this old-fashioned toy.

This doll pattern was printed in 1921 in volume 98 of the magazine The Delineator, a fashion magazine produced by the Butterick Publishing and Pattern Company.