Write a Haiku of Your Own!

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In class, Lexie and her friends learned to write Haiku, a form of poetry that began in Japan. Lexie wrote one especially for Emily Grace.

Haiku follows a strict formula of 17 syllables broken into 3 lines. The first and last lines have exactly 5 syllables. The middle line has seven.


Writing a Haiku is a simple and fun form of poetry but there are a few rules to follow:


  • A Haiku is very short, only 17 syllables, that are broken up into one line of 5 syllables, another of 7, and the last of another 5.  Remember that many words contain more then one syllable so depending on the words you choose, you may have more then 5 (or 7) words.  It's not the number of words that counts, it is the syllables. Haiku uses the senses to describe scenes from nature (sight, smell, touch, hearing, and/or taste). 


  • To help with syllables, clap your hands for each break in the sound of a word and count them.  Reading the words outloud as you clap helps find the syllables.


  • Try to keep your Haiku simple, but vivid. 


Here is Lexie's final Haiku:       
Her Haiku broken down by syllable   
Emily Grace glows.
   (5)  Em-il-y Grace Glows.
Her warm smile carries friendship.               
   (7)  Her warm smile car-ries friend-ship       
Sunlight after rain.
   (5)  Sun-light af-ter rain