14. 06. 12
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Wonderful news! Candlewick has accepted two more Bears books, Bears in a Band to be followed by Bears in Snow. It's so much fun to be working on more stories about Big Brown Bear and his four little friends!


Exciting things are happening with the Bears books and with Ship of Dolls scheduled to launch August 5, 2014!

Broadway actress Kate Reinders will narrate an audio version of Ship of Dolls, available in MP3 and in CD. The story will also be available as an ebook. I'm working now on the edited coopy of Dolls of Hope, which tells the story of the dolls arrival in Japan from the point of view of a Japanese girl who is driven to safeguard a doll sent to her school (Emily Grace, from the first book) from a vengeful classmate.

Scholastic Book Clubs will soon be offering Bears in Beds in audio and paperback.

In Japan, the popular little bears are now available as stuffed toys and on backpacks, stationery, notepads and more.

Bears in the Bath launched this past March and received glowing reviews from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus.

Recently, I received a copy of David Walker's adorable artwork for the 4th Bears book, Bears and a Birthday to be published in 2015.

I'm excited to add that more Bear books are planned and that I'm working on a third book about the dolls. Dolls of War will begin with the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 which plunged the U.S. into World War II and caused the Friendship Dolls and the Japanese Dolls of Gratitude to become symbols of the enemy in both countries.