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16. 03. 12
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I'm excited to know that DOLLS OF WAR, the third book about the Friendship Dolls, now has a publication date. It's scheduled for Fall of 2017. I'd hoped for 2016, but this will be better because I'm working on a 4th and final book for the series called DOLLS OF SECRET. The Fall 2017 date for DOLLS OF WAR will allow them to be published closer together. The first tells the story of an American girl trying to save one of the big Japanese dolls when in both countries during WWII, the dolls became symbols of the enemy. The final book will return to Japan and a girl who is determined to find the American doll her grandmother hid during the war when soldiers were ordered to smash them all. The story of the Friendship Doll exchange is a fascinating one and I am so pleased to have the chance to live the story through the eyes of my characters.



BEARS IN A BAND  was released in February. As always, David Walker's illustrations are so cute! I've seen his completed pictures for the 6th book, BEARS IN SNOW. They're adorable and with SNOW representing Winter, it's been decided to go ahead with the three other seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall. Publication dates are stretched out into early 2019. Wow! That seems like a long time, but it's great to know new bear books will be coming out for awhile yet.

16. 02. 26
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An online interview went up today at LitPick, a very neat site with books reviewed by young readers. SHIP OF DOLLS was a Top Pick. DOLLS OF HOPE recently received 5 stars from its thoughtful reviewer. Here's a link to today's interview: