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Ship of Dolls

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Can a ship carrying Friendship Dolls to Japan be Lexie’s ticket to see her fun-loving mother again?  A heartwarming historical novel inspired by a little-known true event.
(Continue the adventure with "Dolls of Hope!"

Dolls of Hope

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In this middle-grade novel, when eleven-year-old Chiyo Tamura is sent from her home in a small Japanese mountain village to a girls’ school in the city of Tsuchiura, she never imagines that she will soon be in Tokyo helping to welcome more than twelve thousand Friendship Dolls from America—including Emily Grace, a gift to her own school. 
(Sequel to "Ship of Dolls"!)

Dolls of War

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When America and Japan go to war, will Macy’s feelings for her beloved Japanese Friendship Doll change? Here is a moving addition to the Friendship Dolls series.

(Book 3 of the "Friendship Dolls" Series!)