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One Frog Sang

One Frog Sang



...Children are sure to want to count these quirky frogs and to pore over the pages as they do. Surprisingly, as the text is rather spare, Parenteau’s lyrical language is really the icing on the cake of this successful offering. 


On a wet spring night, one big frog sings KA-BLU-URP! Two tiny frogs sing PREEP, PREEP, three young frogs sing RIBBIT, RIBBIT, all the way up to ten frogs who trill PEEP, PEEP as a frog chorus fills the air with grunts and croaks and chirps. The night is resonant until . . . a car splashes down the street and all the frogs, from ten down to one, are hushed! Shirley Parenteau offers a joyfully cacophonous counting-up and counting-down story, vibrantly illustrated by Cynthia Jabar.


 Available in multiple formats in English.





Published Formats

 S-OneFrogSang-Hardback       S-OneFrogSang-Hardback  S-OneFrogSang-Scholastic S-OneFrogSang-ScholasticCD 

ISBN: 978-0763623944
Candlewick, 2007

Hardback, English

ISBN: 978-0763647360
Candlewick, 2010

Trade Paperback, English

ISBN: 97-80545086127
Scholastic Item #NTS508612
Scholastic, 2008

Scholastic Edition, English

ISBN: 97-0545091589
Scholastic, 2008

Scholastic Audio CD, English






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