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Follow the antics of five bouncy bears as they learn to share in a popular rhyming picture book BEARS ON CHAIRS. Back again in BEARS IN BEDS, Big Brown Bear and his four little friends, Calico, Yellow Bear, Fuzzy and Floppy must deal with scary sounds in the night. Four grimy bears resist the tub in BEARS IN THE BATH. Don't miss the 4th adventure when the little bears will try to keep a surprise from their big friend in BEARS AND A BIRTHDAY.


When my granddaughter Michelle visited her maternal grandparents in Japan to take part in the girl’s day festival called Hinamatsuri, her kimono-clad photos cried out for a children's book on the subject. Online research led to a surprise—the Friendship Dolls of 1926. Hoping to create friendship between two countries on the brink of war, American children sent more than 12,000 dolls to children in Japan. Japanese children in return sent back 58 very large "Dolls of Gratitude". When World War II broke out 15 years later, the dolls became symbols of the enemy. Today the surviving dolls in both countries are treasured as symbols of friendship.



SHIP OF DOLLS  explores the Friendship Dolls project through the eyes of 11-year-old Lexie who struggles with what she sees as overly-restrictive grandparents.  She hopes Emily Grace, the doll her school is contributing, will be her ticket to reuniting with her fun-loving mother.
The sequel DOLLS OF HOPE  (look for it in 2015) continues Emily Grace's travels in Japan where she touches the life of Chiyo, an 11-year old Japanese girl.
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